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Rent Payments

Rent payments are due in the Accounting Office with tuition and other fees for the semester at registration. Part of January rent is included in each semester’s cost.

At registration, students may arrange a payment plan with the Accounting Office to pay rent monthly. Full payment must be received by December 15 for the fall semester and by May 15 for the spring semester. Students not fully paid at the end of a semester are not allowed to continue to live in campus housing.

Note: Graduating students who wish to remain in campus housing for the summer after they graduate must pay summer rent in full by May 15th.

Students who receive institutional and/or government aid will have their housing charges subtracted from that aid before any refund is dispersed.

Rental charges apply for the entire month if occupancy occurs prior to the 15th of the month. When initial occupancy occurs after the 15th of the month, one-half the monthly rental charges apply. Tenants who vacate an apartment or dormitory room on or before the 15th of the month will be charged one-half the monthly rent for that month. Tenants in residence after the 15th of any month incur charges for the full month.

Note: Failure to pay rental charges due for one month may result in the loss of assignment priority, and will suspend action on further housing application unless approved by the Accounting Office. More serious default on rental payments may result in the termination of the lease and legal proceedings against the tenant, unless payment arrangements satisfactory to the Accounting Office are made.

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