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Eligibility for Student Housing

Admission to Union does not in itself guarantee that Seminary housing will be available to the student. However, the Seminary makes every effort to accommodate all full-time Union students who apply for campus housing, renting units at student rates.  This includes candidates for First Degree (Master's level) programs who register for full tuition units (at least 7 points each semester) and Advanced Degree candidates who register for full tuition units or are otherwise working toward fulfilling degree requirements on a full-time basis.  The number of years a student may occupy Seminary housing is as follows:

Ph.D.                        *Five Years

M.Div./M.S.S.W.     Four Years

M.A.                         Three Years

S.T.M.                       One Year

*Two of which must be while meeting Residency requirements for the degree.  Housing for Ph.D.s who enter Seminary housing after Residency requirements have been met, is limited to three years 

Reduced Academic Load: If any student reduces her/his academic load below 7 points in a semester after enrolling for a full thirteen units, he/she is not eligible for housing unless granted an extension by the Director of Housing in consultation with the Associate Dean for Student Life. Students registering for less than 7 points per semester will be considered for housing after assignments have been made for full-time students.

Leave of Absence: Students taking a leave of absence are expected to vacate the Seminary by the time their leave begins. Exceptions, which are rarely made, must be requested in writing and approved by the Academic Dean and the Director of Housing. If the request is granted, rent will be charged at "market rate", not "student rate".

Academic Probation: Students who are placed on academic probation will also be placed on on-campus housing probation. This means students will maintain their on-campus housing during one semester of academic probation.  Students who remain on academic probation a consecutive semester will no longer be able to maintain on-campus housing unless an extenuating circumstance affected the student’s ability to maintain satisfactory academic progress, such as an illness or personal/family crisis.  For complete information on academic probation please refer to the Student Handbook.

Student Dismissal/Withdrawl: Students dismissed or who withdraw from the Seminary are not entitled to remain in housing and must vacate the premises.  Housing assignments/leases are automatically invalidated upon dismissal by the Academic Dean or other appropriate officials of the Seminary.

Non-degree Students: Non-degree students are not eligible for student housing.

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