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Joshua Samuels (js4271@utsnyc.edu)

The international reputation of Union is not an accident. Many international scholars and students take Union as their theological and political safe place, contributing to Union's legacy of "justice." Without international students and scholars from over the world, today Union would not be able to gain her reputation of the world's leading progressive institute. Not only Dietrich Bonhoeffer but also outstanding theologians from the third world never hesitated to articulate their theological voices of prophetic justice. Union is such a place of bliss where you can meet the world's influential religious leaders from all over the world.

The International Student Caucus was organized in order to help international students and scholars adjust themselves to New York City and in order to bring new and diverse theological voices to the Union Community. The international student caucus is currently representing students and scholars from Europe and Asia. Are you international and global? Here's your caucus.

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