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Union Theological Seminary boasts a rich array of student organizations, which are designed to meet the needs and address the concerns of a variety of student demographics and interests. Each official caucus has voting rights in the Student Senate, is accountable to the student body through reports given at Student Senate meetings, and receives a budget from the Student Senate. The student organizations provide a valuable avenue by which students may grow deeper in community and common purpose.

Representatives from the following student organizations also meet as part of Student Senate:

Arts Caucus

Black Caucus

Black Women's Caucus

Body Caucus 

Disability Justice Caucus

Ecology Caucus

Fierce, the Caucus for Queer People of Color

Friends by the River 

Interfaith Caucus

International Students Caucus

Latin@ Caucus

Persist, the Caucus for Gender Equality

Queer Caucus

Seminarians for Reproductive Justice

Student Beverage Co-Op (Pub)

Students for Peace and Justice

The Union Voice

Theology, Religion & Science

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