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Pia Chaudhari

Psychiatry & Religion
Practical Theology Consortium


3041 Broadway
New York, NY 10027



M.A., Psychiatry & Religion, Union Theological Seminary 2010

M.Sc., Politics of Empire & Post-Imperialism, London School of Economics and Political Science 1998

B.A., International Relations, University of Pennsylvania, 1996


Pia Chaudhari commenced her doctoral work in the fall of 2010 at Union Theological Seminary in the department of Psychiatry & Religion, where she also received her M.A. the previous spring. A recent convert to Eastern Orthodoxy, her work is motivated by the experience that the space between psychoanalytic theory and theology, where the spiritual and psychological are both honored, is a beautiful, powerful, and life-giving space.  It is a space where the tools for discernment of that which is life-giving are rich and varied, as are the tools for speaking liberating truth to bondage in its myriad forms as well.

Her earlier work focused on the Christus Victor model of atonement, and its potential existential ramifications with regard to the healing of both individual and societal complexes. This led to an exploration of theologies of transformation; most specifically that of the patristic concept of theosis. Her Master’s thesis was an initial exploration of the relationship between theosis and Carl Jung’s theory of individuation.

Currently, she is interested in how theology and psychoanalytic theory can help promote healing and human flourishing in both ecclesial and clinical settings.  Her research interests are theological anthropology, personhood, processes of transformation, theological aesthetics, and creativity. She engages with theology as gesturing towards that which has an ontic reality, and psychoanalytic work, ideally, as a way of working with this ontic reality in a way that brings healing.


Chaudhari, P., “Beauty and Becoming: Theological Aesthetics and Depth Psychology" in N. Ermolaeva (ed), Beauty and the Beautiful in Modern Orthodox Culture. (Sophia Studies in Orthodox Theology vol 4). Theotokos Press. New York. Dec. 2012.

Chaudhari, P., “Freedom for Relationship: An Initial Exploration of the Theology of Zizioulas and the Psychoanalytic Insights of Winnicott in Dialogue”, Pastoral Psychology, Spring 2012, DOI 10.1007/s11089-012-0468-6
Chaudhari, P., “Book Review: Toward Mutual Recognition: Relational Psychoanalysis and the Christian Narrative, by Marie T. Hoffman” in Union Seminary Quarterly Review, Vol. 63: 3 & 4, New York, 2012


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