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Khadija Abdul-Mateen, Tara Bedeau, Maggie Jarry, and Sara Wolcott have been invited to participate in the Henry Luce Graduate Students Exchange program
  Congratulations to Khadija Abdul-Mateen, Tara Bedeau, Maggie Jarry, and Sara Wolcott . They have been selected as Four of only seven graduate students from the United States to participate in a Henry Luce Foundation funded exchange program with the Indonesian Consortium for Religious Studies, and the Center for Religious and Cross Cultural Studies at Universitas Gadjah Mada in Yogokarta Indonesia. This is especially exciting because no other school had more than one student selected for the Indonesia program, and Union had Four. More Info >>

Christopher Fici, Union Theological Seminary Master of Arts Student, Wins GreenFaith Fellowship
Chris Fici

Congratulations to Union M.A. student Christopher Fici for winning a spot in the prestigious GreenFaith Fellowship Program Class. Read More>>

Derrick McQueen, Union Theological Seminary Ph.D. student, invited to participate in the Rockwood Leadership Institute Fellowship for LGBTQ Leaders
Derrick McQueen

Derring McQueen, a Ph.D. student at Union Theological Seminary, is invited to participate in the Rockwood Leadership Institute Fellowship for LGBTQ Leaders. The program will include 24 impressive leaders from diverse sectors and communities in LGBTQ movements.

The Mystic Surrender to the Other
  M.Div student Atticus Zavaletta contributes to Yale University's Glossolalia:  "The Mystic Surrender to the Other—Hosting With/In A Self Undone: Modes of Hospitality in the Mysticisms of Angela Di Foligno and Georges Bataille." Read More>>

Jeff Grant, M Div '12, Invited as Main Stage Presenter at The Nantucket Project 2013
  Jeff Grant, JD, M Div '12, Director of the Progressive Prison Project, Greenwich, CT, has accepted an invitation as a Main Stage Presenter at The Nantucket Project 2013, an “event experience that brings together a select group of eminent and accomplished visionaries, thinkers, innovators and performers to one of themost storied places in the United States,” to be held on Nantucket, Mass, Sept 26-29, 2013.  Notable presenters will include Mikhail Gorbachev, Eve Ensler, Krista Tippett, Chris Matthews, David Rubenstein, Pat Mitchell, Michael Pollan, and Greg LeMond.  Read More>>

A Yogi at Union: A Year in the Books and the Dirt
Chris Fici Current Union student Chris Fici reflects on his first year of seminary.  Read More>>

Helping Hedge Funders Cope with Prison
  Jeff Grant, M.Div. '12 and current STM student, is featured in a recent article about his prison ministry in Hedge Fund Intelligence.  Read More>>

Finding Common Ground Between Buddhism and Christianity
Peter Herman  Union Alumnus Peter Herman, ’11, writes about Union Theological Seminary’s 2013 Buddhist-Christian Conference in The Huffington Post. Read More>>

The Queer Community Has to Stop Being Transphobic: Realizing My Cisgender Privilege
Todd Clayton 

First-year M.Div. student Todd Clayton writes for the Huffington Post about transphobia and the road towards trans* safety and inclusion in the LGBTQ community. Read More>>

Gay Will Never Be the New Black
Todd Clayton

First-year M.Div. student Todd Clayton discusses what he learned from reading James Baldwin.  Read More>>

Why Marriage Equality Isn't Enough
Todd Clayton

First-year M.Div. student Todd Clayton writes for the Huffington Post about the history of marriage equality and segregation.  Read More>>

Jeff Grant '12, '13 Appointed Associate Minister


Congratulations to current student Jeff Grant for his dual appointment at First Baptist Church of Bridgeport, Connecticut!  Jeff will serve as the church's Associate Minister for Community Outreach and Development, and its Director of Prison Ministries. 

The Spiritually Urgent Response to Our Ecological Crisis
Chris Fici Current M.Div. student Chris Fici writes for the Huffington Post:  "After three months at Union, I am coming to understand that to seek a better world means to be deeply concerned with the very health of the planet that we live on, and to be deeply concerned with the shape and burden of the civilization we have placed on the ground we walk, the air we breathe and the water that we drink."  Read More>>

Why I Haven't Dropped Out of Seminary
Todd Clayton

First-year M.Div. student Todd Clayton writes for the Huffington Post about discovering that there's more to seminary than meets the eye. Read More>>

A Hindu at Union Theological Seminary
Chris Fici

Entering M.A. student Chris Fici writes for the Huffington Post about being a Hindu and a Christian: "I come to Union from a different space than most, having spent the last five years living as a monk in the bhakti-yoga tradition of the Vedic/Hindu tradition of India. While my monastic life came to a voluntary end earlier this year, I still identify and practice as a bhakti-yogi, and transcending all contradiction that may appear to be on the surface, Union is the perfect place for me to understand the true definition of yoga and the true life of a yogi in the world today. I was raised as a Catholic, and still identify as a Christian as well, and this sense of 'double belonging' is something that can be uniquely nourished and shaped here at Union." Read More>>

Jeff Grant '12, '13 Selected for The Nantucket Project


Current student Jeff Grant has been selected to take part in the 2012 Fellows Program of The Nantucket Project.  Read More>>

Congratulations to Rosalind Gnatt, 2nd year Union Theological Seminary M. Div. student!
Paul Mowry 

Rosalind will be teaching and lecturing this week at the Theological Institute, Carl von Ossietzky University, Oldenburg, Germany.


Current M.Div. student John Allen writes about the political meanings of Jesus's procession to Jerusalem. Read More>>

Afro-Cuban Music at Union
Paul Mowry 

Current M.A. student Felipe Luciano presents Afro-Cuban music at James Memorial Chapel. Watch the Video>>

Voices of Slavery Caught out of Time
Paul Mowry 

Union student Karenna Gore Schiff provides a compelling analysis of the Slave Narrative Project  Read her article in The New York Times. Read More>>

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