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Makito Nagasawa

Makito Nagasawa

Systematic Theology
Theology Consortium


3041 Broadway
New York, NY



S.T.M. Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York, 2009

M.Div. Asia Pacific Theological Seminary, 2001 (Magna cum Laude)

B.A. in Biblical Studies, Central Bible College, 1997


Nagasawa grew up in Japan and began his Ph.D. program under the supervision of Paul F. Knitter in Fall 2009, after completing his S.T.M. degree also at Union. Having completed his comprehensive exams, he is currently working on his dissertation proposal. His research interests include theory of religious study, Christian theology, continental philosophy, political economy, and nationalism. In particular, he is interested in intersections between social theories and religious studies, hoping to deepen his understanding of how polity, economy, and religion shape or interact with each other.

Advisor: Paul F. Knitter


Speaking: Japanese, Mongolian, and English

Reading: French and German

Teaching Fellow

Christianities in the City (Prof. Samuel Cruz)

Political Reading of the Bible (Prof. Samuel Cruz)

Religions in the City (Prof. Paul F. Knitter)

Dealing with Diversity: Evangelical/Pentecostal and Mainline Perspectives on Religious Pluralism (Prof. Paul F. Knitter)


Paper, Understanding Religious Pluralism Conference, 2012
Religious Pluralism and Civil Society Unit
“Separation of Morality from Religion”

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