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The Institute for Art, Religion, and Social Justice announces 
Michael Dudeck as artist in residence for Spring 2013.


The Institute for Art, Religion, and Social Justice has invited Michael Dudeck as an artist-in-residence for the Winter/Spring semester.

Michael DudeckAs an artist and witchdoctor Dudeck has performed and exhibited nationally and internationally including John Connelly Presents, The Watermill Center, Center for Performance Research + Parade Ground [New York], The Winnipeg Art Gallery, Ace Art, Platform Center + Plug in ICA [Winnipeg], Pari Nadimi Gallery [Toronto], DeFibrillator [Chicago], The Glasshouse [Tel Aviv], Witte de With [Rotterdam,] The Insel Hombroich [Neuss, Germany] and The Brucebo Museum [Visby, Sweden] among others. 

Dudeck is currently undertaking research for his new project THEGENESISCOMPLEX, which excavates the Eden myth through an act of queer, performative re-mixing. He will work closely with Dr. Brigitte Kahl [Professor of New Testament] and AA Bronson [Honorary Professor of Art, Religion and Social Justice].

Artists Statement About Institute Residency

Michael DudeckThe Myth of Adam, Eve and the Serpent is arguably the most influential origin myth of the Western world, setting the stage not only for the development of the three monotheistic religions, but also for patriarchy and its offspring, homophobia. Though the story is set in a time and cultural context that is irreparably different than our own, dominant ideologies have utilized it as a mascot for the heterosexual matrix.

THEGENESISCOMPLEX is a queering of this myth, which takes the form of a written treatise, a series of stylized lectures/performances which involve projecting a series of art historical motifs upon performers from Dudeck’s queer religion, as well as an authoritative publication/artist book. Major themes include : The Serpent as Primordial Gender Variant, the Serpent as castrated Phallus of Asherah, Asherah as both the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and The Tree of Life, among others.

“I have been developing a methodology I am calling Punc Arkaeology which excavates mythological and religious images and texts for queer ghosts, which I then transform within my queer mythology into new hybrid archetypes. I am particularly interested in accessing the databases of Union’s Library on material concerning “Popular Religion” in Ancient Israel and Judah, in particular the worship of the Canaanite goddess Asherah and the marginal, non-normative positioning [s/he] occupies. Working closely with Dr Brigitte Kahl and incorporating her method of “critical re-examination” whilst working creatively and strategically with AA Bronson will be of great benefit to my project of queering Religion.”



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