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Financial Aid

Tuition Prices 

Detailed Tuition Prices

Tuition (M.Div., M.A., S.T.M.) $ 22,980 Tuition (Ph.D.)
(Payable each year 1-4) 
$ 35,135
For 7-15 points (full unit) $ 11,490 7-15 points (full unit) $ 17,568
For up to 6 points (half unit) $ 5,745    


Tuition per Curriculum Point  $ 1,280    
Extended Residence Fee $ 3,000    
Matriculation and Facilities Fee $ 2,000    

Union reduces tuition for those degree candidates who have completed the residency or tuition-unit requirements for their program without having completed the academic requirements.

    • Extended Residence - In the semester immediately following the satisfaction of residency or tuition obligations, the candidate must register for Extended Residence (UT400). The candidate must also register for courses or other necessary work and, insofar as possible, complete all degree requirements that remain outstanding. With the Dean’s approval, the student’s schedule may include courses beyond those required for the degree. However, courses at other institutions are not covered by the Extended Residence Fee.
    • Matriculation and Facilities - For candidates who have been enrolled for one semester of Extended Residence (See UT400) but still have not completed the degree requirement must register for Matriculation and Facilities (UT410). This fee permits a candidate to pursue any academic work necessary to fulfill outstanding degree requirements. The Matriculation and Facilities Fee is waived for doctoral students during the semester in which the dissertation is defended. 

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