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Necessary Fees

The Health Service Fee is mandatory for all students paying full tuition units, and students residing in Seminary housing even if the student is not covered by Affiliate Medical Insurance. The Fee is payable to the Seminary (except for candidates for Columbia University degrees who pay this fee directly to Columbia University).

Because Union Theological Seminary is an affiliate institution of Columbia University, all Union students are required to pay a Student Activities Fee, the Columbia Affiliate Health Service Fee, and the Columbia Affiliate Medical Insurance premium.  Students covered by comparable insurance are required to pay the Columbia Affiliate Health Service Fee. These fees are assessed each year.

Affiliate Medical Insurance is mandatory for all full-time and residential students. It may be waived if proof of comparable health insurance coverage is provided at registration. Visa regulations require international students to retain health insurance. Prices for student medical insurance are set by Columbia University. There are two levels of coverage: Basic and Comprehensive.

To view the 2013-2014 Student Health Insurance fees, click here.>>

Learn more about the Columbia Health Program or Columbia Student Medical Insurance by visiting Student Life section of the webiste.


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