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Financial Aid

Federal Work-Study

Federal Work Study (FWS) is a federally-funded program designed to help qualifying students fund their education. The Federal Work-Study Program reimburses employers for 60% of the students’ earnings up to the amount of the award (initial or adjusted). Any wages earned after that amount must be paid 100% by the employer.

Your eligibility for an award of FWS is determined by the Office of Financial Aid. Only U.S.Citizens or Permanent Residents are eligible, and you must have requested FWS on the FAFSA and Union Financial Aid Forms, and also have proven financial need. FWS funds are limited, and just because you were awarded federal work study one year is not guarantee that you will be awarded FWS in subsequent years.

In addition to jobs on campus, students may work at approved off-campus non-profit agencies. It is the responsibility of the student and the supervisor to monitor earnings to be sure the award amounts are not exceeded. Students should never work more than 8 hours in one day or 20 hours in one week, other than periods when classes are not in session.

The program runs from July 1 through mid-May of the following academic year. Awards are made each academic year, and are not guaranteed year to year. You will be notified by the Office of Financial Aid if you are awarded Federal Work-Study.

A Federal Work-Study award is not credited directly to your student account. You will receive a payroll check for the hours worked.

Necessary Forms

There are federal and state tax forms that must be completed prior to the commencement of Work-Study employment. Forms are available from the Business Office at the Seminary.

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