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John Anthony McGuckin

John McGuckin

Ane Marie and Bent Emil Nielsen Professor in Late Antique and Byzantine Christian History & Professor of Byzantine Christian Studies, Columbia University


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Heythrop College, University of London. 2-year Philosophy Course. 1970

Heythrop College. Bachelor of Divinity Degree. 1972 - 1975, 1st Class Honours. 1975

Durham University. Doctoral Studies in Patristics PhD. ( Dunelm ) 1976 - 1979

Newcastle University. Certificate In Education ( PGCE ). [Winner of the Armstrong Prize ] 1979 - 1980

Southampton University Master’s Degree in Curriculum Design & Development. [Winner of the University Education Prize 1986] 1984 – 1986

Southampton University. MA (Ed.)1986


John Anthony McGuckin is the Nielsen Professor of History at Union Theological Seminary, and Professor of Byzantine Religion at Columbia University. He is an Archpriest of the Orthodox Church, and over 30 years has taught in numerous European and American University settings. He is a specialist in early medieval Christian thought and history who has published 25 books on topics ranging from  New Testament history to Byzantine mysticism; several of which have won awards. He has long followed a special interest in the culture of monasticism. Prof. McGuckin is  a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society of Great Britain, and the recipient of the Romanian Order of St. Stephen, the Cross of Moldavia and Bukovina. He is the recipient of Honorary Doctorates from St. Vladimir's Academy, and Sibiu University.


The History of Christianity Part 1: The Church of the First Millennium (100-1000) (Fall 2014)

The Byzantine Christian Tradition (Fall 2014)

The Seven Oecumenical Councils: Historical Contexts and Intellectual Cultures (Spring 2015)

Seminar: Patterns of Christian Monasticism (Spring 2015)

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