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Recommendation Instructions

In order to match your recommendation to your online application, it is very important that you list your recommenders on your online application and also provide them with (1) information about you, the applicant; (2) the recommendation form link; and (3) the recommendation instructions.  You must send the recommenders this information yourself.  The system does not automatically send this information to your recommenders on your behalf.

1. What to send to your recommenders

  • your full name (as it appears on the online application)
  • your birth date (as it appears on the online application)
  • instructions (below)
  • link to the recommendation form (below)
  • Deadline for submission of the recommendation form (below)
  • Email address for submitting recommendations (below)
  • Subject line format that recommenders should use in their email "Recommnedation for Applicant [Fill Name as it Appears on the Application]"
  • For Non-Degree ONLY: term for which you are seeking admission (Spring 2013 or Fall 2013)

2. Links

Each program (M.A., M.Div & M.Div./M.S.S.W., S.T.M., Non-Degree, and Ph.D.) requires a different recommendation form (online or print). Please use the table below to identify which recommendation form is applicable for your application for admission.

Degree Email address for submitting recommendations PDF Form Link

Priority Deadline

Final Deadline

M.A. marecc@utsnyc.edu https://www.utsnyc.edu/document.doc?id=1294

Jan. 15

May 15

M.Div. & M.Div./M.S.S.W.

mdivrecc@utsnyc.edu https://www.utsnyc.edu/document.doc?id=1295 Jan. 15 May 15


stmrecc@utsnyc.edu https://www.utsnyc.edu/document.doc?id=1298 N/A Dec. 15


nondegreerecc@utsnyc.edu https://www.utsnyc.edu/document.doc?id=1296 N/A Dec. 15 Spring Semester
July 15 Fall Semester


phdrecc@utsnyc.edu https://www.utsnyc.edu/document.doc?id=1297 N/A Dec. 15

3. How to submit letters of recommendation?

Recommender responses to the questions on the recommendation form are very helpful to the Admissions Committee as they evaluate your application for admission. Recommender's may use additional space to answer questions on the recommendation form, however all recommendations must be submitted with a recommendation form. All recommendations forms should bear applicant’s name as it appears on the application, applicants' birth date, and recommender's signature.

Email. Recommendation forms as well as any additional recommendation materials should be emailed to the appropriate email address (above). 

Post. Recommendation forms may also be  mailed to:

Office of Admissions
Union Theological Seminary
3041 Broadway
New York, NY 10027 

Fax. Send recommendation forms to 212-858-5788

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