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Transcripts & Records

A student’s academic record or transcript is a private document that is the property of Union Theological Seminary, and it will be issued to a third party only upon written authorization given by the student. Students may request transcripts in the Registrar’s Office and are advised, if meeting deadlines, to make their requests in sufficient time to allow for processing and mailing. A charge is made for all copies. The Seminary reserves the right to withhold transcripts from any student with unpaid indebtedness to the Seminary.

The written evaluations submitted by course instructors are not a part of the transcript and will not be issued with it. If upon graduation, however, a student has arranged for a member of the faculty to prepare a summary evaluation of his or her academic career at the Seminary, a copy of this summary will be issued with the transcript whenever the student expressly requests it.

Request a Transcript

To order a transcript, please send your request in writing, along with a check or money order of $5.00 per request to:

Union Theological Seminary 
Office of Registrar
Transcript Requests
3041 Broadway
New York, NY 10027

When requesting a transcript, please include the following information to help us expedite your request: 

    • Your name while at Union Theological Seminary
    • Your Degree program
    • Dates of attendance
    • Dates of Degree
    • Address(es) of recipient(s)
    • Your current address, phone number, and email address

Because of confidentiality issues, we cannot accept email requests for transcripts. We will not process requests unaccompanied by payment.

We cannot overnight or FAX transcripts, nor can we accept credit card payments.

Please allow enough time for your transcript request to be processed.

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