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January Intersession Course: FE 206J

During the winter break, the Seminary, in partnership with other seminaries, may participate in course offerings in an immersion context. Previous courses have included immersion experiences in churches and faith communities in New York City, in international contexts, and across the country. Many experiences include reflection on specific issues and approaches to ministry and leadership in multicultural congregations and contexts, culture and faith, pastoral care, liturgy and music, stewardship and leadership, as well as and community economic development. The Seminary does not assume responsibility for housing, transportation, or additional fees unrelated to tuition costs. Students must receive approval from the Director of IFE to enroll in these courses, and to receive elective credit.

To receive the elective credits from Union, the following is generally required:

Journal: Students are expected to keep a journal for the duration of the course and submit a reflection paper on the journal entries at the end of the course.

Evaluations: The student’s self-evaluation and the supervisor’s evaluation of the student are required at the end of the internship.

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