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Degree Programs

The primary focus of the academic program is on the delivery of a strong, well-focused Master of Divinity degree program that seeks to balance the Seminary's core values with the diverse experiences and needs of its students.

Union also offers a range of degrees that focus on academic theological instruction at the post-baccalaureate and higher levels. The Master of Arts program provides theological education from a perspective that is faith-and values-based, but is essentially academic rather than vocational. Many M.A. students progress to or aspire towards Ph.D. study after graduation. Some enter the M.A. as part of a discernment process, discover the potential for ordained ministry, and transfer to the M.Div. Others choose this degree because their vocational/career plans do not include public ordained ministry in any form.

The Master of Sacred Theology (S.T.M.) degree offers an opportunity for a relatively open structure of advanced theological study for those who already have theological degrees. At Union this degree has been particularly valuable in bringing a wide range of international students to the campus.

The Union Ph.D. provides for the admission of a select group of graduate students to one of three programs each year. The program is highly competitive and is focused on attracting those candidates who can best benefit from the particular opportunities Union offers.

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