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Leah Rousmaniere

Leah Rousmaniere

Associate Director of Development for Stewardship and Research


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Having worked at Union Theological Seminary in several capacities since 1975, Leah Robinson Rousmaniere brings her vast knowledge of the Seminary's history, procedures, faculty and alumni/ae to her current work as stewardship manager and donor researcher, writer, and historian. On any given day, she might be heard answering questions as varied as "Who were the Union Eight?" "How many endowed faculty did the Seminary have in 1900?" or "What is the established procedure for appointing a new Chair of the Board?" Her work in Institutional Advancement has also included reporting on scholarships and foundations, preparing donor biographies, and writing obituaries and news releases.

Ms. Rousmaniere is the published author of four medical thrillers, as well as Anchored Within the Vail (a history of the Seamen's Church Institute) and The Instant Expert Guide to Collecting Teapots. She has a B.A. in religion and philosophy from Upsala College, and has studied at Wagner College, Bregenz, Austria; the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel; the Jewish Theological Seminary; and the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. She also studied pre-med at Columbia University, and for a number of years volunteered as an orderly in the Emergency Room at St. Luke's Hospital.

Married to Union alumnus John Rousmaniere, MDiv '88, Ms. Rousmaniere has two stepsons and five grandchildren. Her most recent passion is the Camino de Santiago de Compostela (the pilgrimage road in Spain), part of which she walked with her friend Sarah Fay in 2009.

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